Chefchaouen Cruise Tour from Casablanca

1 Day

Chefchaouen Cruise Tour from Casablanca. Chefchaouen is a landlocked city located in the Rif Mountains of Morocco, and it is not directly accessible by cruise from Casablanca. However, it is possible to organize a day trip or an excursion from Casablanca to Chefchaouen by road.

Chefchaouen Cruise Tour from Casablanca

A day trip to Chefchaouen from Casablanca involves a long drive through the scenic landscapes of Morocco. Here’s what you might expect from such a tour:

Departure from Casablanca:
Your trip will begin with an early morning departure from Casablanca to Chefchaouen. The journey takes approximately 4-5 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions.

Scenic Landscapes:
As you travel through the scenic landscapes of Morocco, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the changing landscape, from urban areas to rural villages and eventually the mountainous terrain surrounding Chefchaouen.

Arrival in Chefchaouen:
Upon arrival in Chefchaouen, you will be greeted by the city’s iconic blue and white architecture. The city is known for its charming streets, blue-painted buildings and relaxed atmosphere.

Guided tour of Chefchaouen:
You will embark on a guided tour of Chefchaouen’s main attractions, including:

Plaza Uta el-Hammam: The central square of Chefchaouen is a great starting point, surrounded by cafes, restaurants and shops. It’s a popular spot for people-watching and soaking up the local vibe.

Kasbah Museum: Explore the Kasbah, a historic fortress and former palace that now houses a museum featuring local artifacts, artwork, and historical exhibits.

Ras el-Maa Waterfall: Take a short walk to Ras el-Maa Waterfall, a refreshing natural attraction where locals and visitors alike congregate.

Explore the Medina: Stroll through the winding streets of the medina, admire the blue-painted walls, and explore the local markets and artisan shops.

Lunch and free time:
Enjoy a leisurely lunch at a local restaurant, where you can sample traditional Moroccan cuisine.

Return to Casablanca:
After spending a day exploring the beauty of Chefchaouen, you will begin the journey back to Casablanca, returning in the evening.

Please note that the specifics of the tour, including itinerary, inclusions and duration, may vary depending on your needs.

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Chefchaouen Cruise Tour from Casablanca